Tools and Process

Private Tutoring & Writing Conferences

Meet at Mary’s round table located at 4909 Ridgeston Place, Holly Springs, in Sunset Ridge South. Healthy snacks, cuddly dogs, and music by Mozart are available upon request.


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Online Collaboration

No time to meet in person? Communicate online in one of two ways:

  1. Google documents. Free with a Gmail address, Google Docs will enable you to track edits, make suggestions, and chat directly with each other. Here’s how to get started with Google documents.
  2. Email Attachments. If you prefer Pages or Microsoft Word, no problem! Simply compose your work in the program that’s familiar to you, and email her your draft. You’ll bounce subsequent revisions back and forth.

Other Services

Inkjet printing: $.20/page (color), $.10/page (B&W)

Light graphic design with Canva, $20/half hour