Love Notes

“Mary helped me edit all of my college essays. We waded through my many rough (emphasis on ROUGH) drafts to compose a beautifully fluid and poignant essay full of heart.

Mary has a keen eye for making words work. I’d spent months spitting out draft after draft, completely frustrated by my inability to articulate what I wanted to say within the constraints of the college essay requirements. Mary quickly understood the point I wished to make and helped me to craft a beautiful and professional essay that earned me entry to every school I applied to. She’s truly a word magician!

I’d like to note that not only did the essay that Mary helped craft earn me acceptances at all of the colleges I applied to, but I was also awarded a writing scholarship at one of the colleges, thanks to my application essay. Mary is masterful at helping students meet the tight demands that college essays require while also allowing students to maintain their artistic voice. I recommend her implicitly and whole-heartedly.”

Ren Cleveland, William Peace University5 Stars


“Mary was easy to work with and provided constructive criticism to help take my college essay to the next level. I felt great about my essay.”

Megan C., UNC-Chapel Hill, PharmD, Pharmacist5 Stars


Mary was fantastic! She did not just read through my college application essay once, but did several meticulous comb-throughs until we reached the desired results. Her guidance and mentoring made writing an enjoyable learning experience.” 

Christina B., College Student5 Stars