Write to Impress!

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Does your writing reflect your intelligence? Are your words compelling? Are your thoughts organized? Is your voice authentic? Are you saying what you mean?

The Grammar Goddess is a writing coach who provides the feedback and reassurance you need to publish your work with confidence.

She’s not just an editor.  She’s a benevolent guide from first draft to final masterpiece. She makes decent writing good, good writing better, and better writing brilliant.

Academic essays. College applications. Website content. Creative pieces. Term papers. Theses. Reports. Resumes. Bios. You name it. She’ll read it. Together you’ll fix it — word by word, online or in person.

Find the joy of multiple revisions. Get excited about semi-colons. Use wacky pronouns like whomever with royal aplomb.

Dazzle your audience — bosses, teachers, clients, colleagues, colleges, queens, whomever. With a few tweaks and nudges in the right direction, you’ll write with style and clarity that’s all you. After several revisions, you’ll have a product that exceeds all expectations. Guaranteed!

Look as attractive on paper as you do in person! The Grammar Goddess will show you how.

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